Thoughts on slow art

I’m very uncomfortable with the way I am consuming and producing artwork. Mainly over social media, specifically: Instagram. 
It feels wrong to scroll through artworks and pay attention to them a second or two. Artists are spending maybe hours, weeks, or years working on these pieces and I skim through without context, paying my “like” without knowing the thought process behind it. 

Instagram satisfies my artistic needs very superficially, as if I were eating snacks all the time. But I feel like I’m missing the main course. Always hungry, always scrolling more….

I started experimenting and showing my work to others via Twitter and Instagram. Without great expectations, just with enthusiasm. The more attention I got, the more I felt like I should produce. Some works I didn’t particularly like got a lot of attention (by my standards), but others didn’t. This messed up my goals, I wanted to have my own taste in long term, but my monkey brain wanted those yummy short term likes. I need to post regularly to get them, but I need time to develop an idea and make it happen. This confusion has taken the fun out of my work. I stopped making artwork altogether. 

I know I want to get involved and immerse myself in the art world. But this time, I’m starting from scratch. I want to take time to look at other people’s artwork and my own. I just tell myself: no more fast art, it’s time for slow art.
Slow art would mean reading more about specific people and art waves. Also, for me, after making a new piece of art, it would mean coming full circle by thinking about it and hopefully writing about what meaning it has for me. Not just intuitively, but verbally or in writing.
It’s time to change my habit from fast to slow art.